Lucid dreaming is a vastly creative state of consciousness. In order to access this creativity, all lucid dreamers need to do is ask. They don’t even have to open their mouths, as every thought can be heard by the dream.

Lucid dreaming is a conversation – so why not experiment with some great opening lines?

One of my favourites is: ‘Show me something amazing!’

The dream will respond with something unexpected – it may be beautiful, repulsive or just plain weird, but it is a creative gift. Simply asking this question in a lucid dream can give the lucid dreamer some off-the-wall creative ideas, images or sensations.

One writer I know read my suggestion to ask for something amazing in a lucid dream as inspiration for original art, and the next time he got lucid he did just that. Among other things, he was shown a fabulous chandelier, gothic and strange, that morphed into octopus-like tentacles!

The lucid dream doesn’t always respond purely visually; you may find yourself sucked into what seems to be deepest space, filled with twinkling stars, or find yourself flying over vistas of unspeakable beauty.

Every time you ask to be shown something amazing in a lucid dream, you’ll get a different response, and in doing so you’ll not only get to know your dreaming mind better, you’ll tap into a deep creative resource and wake up with highly original ideas and images in your head. So if your boss is demanding greater creativity at work, or if you’re a blocked artist or a writer searching for inspiration, all you need to do is wake up in a dream and ask for help, directly from the source.

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