How often do you have a cosmic conversation?

If your name is Marla Martenson, you have them all the time – Marla has a show called Cosmic Conversations where she interviews experts on a variety of subjects to bring people ideas, insights, and wisdom. A boutique matchmaker who believes in true love, Marla is the author of The Buddha Made Me Do It and she’s also a Reiki healer.

In this interview with me, Marla shares her experiences of sleep paralysis… and comes up with an innovative new use for lucid dreaming that I haven’t heard anyone suggest yet!!

We talk about childhood experiences of sleepwalking, physical and emotional healing in lucid dreams, differences and overlaps between lucid dreams and out-of-body-experiences, how to resolve PTSD nightmares, and how athletes can improve their performance by practising sports skills in their lucid dreams.

You can watch our 24-minute video chat below.