The Meaning of Life: The rollercoaster and the radiance

Have you ever tried writing down the meaning of life? I was asked to do this by the creator of the Excellence Reporter website, Nicolae Tanase, who interviews leaders, thinkers, writers, researchers, elders, artists, CEOs, and more.

Writing about the meaning of life was an interesting exercise. I could have rambled on forever, as there’s so much to say, but luckily there was a word limit and also my 8-year-old daughter swiftly summed up the meaning of life in two little words, which helped me to get more of a focus!

Here’s the start of what I wrote, and the full article can be read here.

The meaning of life is to have an immersive experience of being alive in a fabulously creative, thought-responsive, conscious universe. We are alive to explore and share the transformative power of love, and to wake up to who we really are on the deepest level of reality.

Waking up is a spiritual act that is repeated throughout our lives.

Can you pinpoint some of the awakenings in your life?

My first lucid dream at age three not only awakened me physically from my nightmare of drowning, but it also awakened me spiritually to the power and mystery of that “other world” of dreams that the adults in my life bafflingly dismissed as “not real”.

We will all awaken many times in our lives, through moments of insight, danger, change, loss, and those precious moments of joy and vision.

Through living our life with awareness and insight, we discover its meaning.

We are all on a human rollercoaster that shuttles us through love, tragedy, existential angst, and wonder. The rollercoaster of human experience teaches us greater empathy for the suffering of others. We share the universal experience of being alive on this planet in this present moment.

Beyond the rollercoaster, permeating it and infusing every breath we take, is radiance.

This blissful, loving, aware radiance is the source of light that we all emerged from and will all return to….

[Read the rest of my article here on the Excellence Reporter website to find out how we can encounter this amazing radiance through lucid dreaming, and how mindful dreaming can help us to create the life we’ve always wanted… oh, and to hear my little girl’s wise and warm-hearted two-word summary of the meaning of life!]