Decode your Sexual Dreams to Improve your Relationship
Article by Clare R Johnson, PhD, for Creations Magazine, 2017

tree in lattice planterSexual dreams can teach us a lot about our current relationship – and help us to change it for the better.

Dream interpretation in the sense of “one dream image has one meaning for everyone” is a misleading way of looking at dreams. In fact, the only person who can really know for sure what his/her dream means is the dreamer.

This is because dream imagery reflects deeply personal associations.

In this article, I’ll share my best dreamwork techniques to help you unwrap the meaning of your own sexual dreams. If you’re new to dreamwork, it’s useful to know something about the symbolic language of dreams in order to understand how they communicate with us.

Dreams of sex with someone else

The first thing to know about sexual dreams is that they are not always about sex! Dreams are often not literal. This can be a big relief, especially if… [Read the whole article here, in Creations Magazine]