Lucidity is a powerful tool to help us heal ourselves on deep levels.

But we don’t have to be lucid dreamers in order to work with our unconscious imagery in healing ways.

This is the beauty of Dream Therapy – we can bring lucidity to our dreams by doing dreamwork after we wake up from them.

In this way, we can shine the light of lucidity onto non-lucid dreams, nightmares and our most baffling dreams. There are a great number of ways of illuminating dreams with our lucid awareness.

Dream Therapy is a transformative blend of mindful sleeping, lucid dreaming, and waking dreamwork.

Dream Therapy takes lucidity a step further because we not only engage lucidly with our dreams while we sleep – we also learn the art of lucid dreaming while awake.

When we bring lucidity to all aspects of sleeping and dreaming, we lay the groundwork for a happier, healthier life.

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