Imagine your novel characters telling you how they really feel in a lucid dream, or seeing incredible artwork in a dream gallery and waking up to reproduce it.

By asking questions in a dream, or using intent to summon dream figures, lucid dreamers can prompt an outpouring of creativity which relates specifically to a current project or idea.

When I was doing my PhD on lucid dream creativity, I interviewed lucid dreaming artists and writers to discover how they worked with dream lucidity for creative inspiration. In this video I talk to Dr Keith Hearne, who composes symphonies in his lucid and non-lucid dreams and was the first to scientifically prove the existence of lucid dreaming in 1975. We also chat about my lucid dream-inspired novels, Breathing in Colour and Dreamrunner, which were written with the help of the lucid dreams I had throughout the writing process.

Novel characters can really come to life in lucid dreams, and it turns out they are not shy to let the author know if they aren’t happy about something!